This is my major guilty pleasure : Internet & Entertainment

I'm not saying this is real bad for me, well at least I feel bad and good when I enjoy cartoon on sunday as im grown up, twenty five yrs old.  My friends are going nuts for shopping and boyfriend...well I do love boys and shopping. I just don't feel guilty when I buy clothes and make out with my hubby. I like looking at beautiful people like everybody does. Maybe sometimes I see only the surface, but I see inside of beauty in real life.  I guess that is why looking at those beautiful celebrities and say this is what I like to do is a sort of feeling guilty. Maybe celebrities are sexy, looking at them are not so sexy, I don't know.  I'm nerdy inside but trying to be pretty outside.(like you)
I just list my only fave on those sites. If you cannot find your favorite celebs, you can always give me a message through on my blog and I'll answer. you are always welcome.



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